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Navigation with Child Slot

The SlotNavigator

All navigation in Child Slot is performed using the SlotNavigator interface, which is extended by the SlotNavigation interface.

SlotNavigator contains the navigate method with the following arguments:

  • transformer - converts the current configuration (if any) into a new one or null.
  • onComplete - called when navigation is finished.

There is also navigate extension function without the onComplete callback, for convenience.

Creating the navigation
val navigation = SlotNavigation<DialogConfig>()

The navigation process

During the navigation process, Child Slot compares the new configuration with the previous one. If both are the same, then no navigation is performed. Otherwise, the currently active component is destroyed (if any), and a new one is activated (if the new configuration is not null).

Child Slot usually performs the navigation synchronously, which means that by the time the navigate method returns, the navigation is finished and all component lifecycles are moved into required states. However, the navigation is performed asynchronously in case of recursive invocations - e.g. dismiss is called from onResume lifecycle callback of a component being activated. All recursive invocations are queued and performed one by one once the current navigation is finished.

SlotNavigator extension functions

There are SlotNavigator extension functions to simplify the navigation.


Activates a component with the provided Configuration (if not null). Any currently active component is destroyed.

navigation.activate(DialogConfig(title = "Some title"))


Destroys the currently active component, if any.