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Custom ComponentContext

If one is needing ComponentContext to have extra functionality that is not already provided. It is possible to create a custom ComponentContext that could be decorated with the desired functionality of your choice.

Create and implement custom ComponentContext

For example, to create your own custom ComponentContext one must first create an interface that extends ComponentContext and then provide its implementation.

import com.arkivanov.decompose.ComponentContext

interface AppComponentContext : ComponentContext {

    // Custom things here

class DefaultAppComponentContext(
    componentContext: ComponentContext,
    // Additional dependencies here
) : AppComponentContext, ComponentContext by componentContext {

    // Custom things implementation here

Custom child ComponentContext

The default ComponentContext#childContext extension function returns the default ComponentContext. In order to create custom child ComponentContext, a special extension function is required.

import com.arkivanov.decompose.childContext
import com.arkivanov.essenty.lifecycle.Lifecycle

fun AppComponentContext.childAppContext(key: String, lifecycle: Lifecycle? = null): AppComponentContext =
        componentContext = childContext(key = key, lifecycle = lifecycle),
        // Supply additional dependencies here