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What is Decompose?

Decompose is a Kotlin Multiplatform library for breaking down your code into lifecycle-aware business logic components (aka BLoC), with routing functionality and pluggable UI (Compose, Android Views, SwiftUI, Kotlin/React, etc.).

Supported targets

  • android,
  • jvm
  • js (both IR and Legacy modes)
  • iosX64, iosArm64, iosSimulatorArm64
  • tvosArm64, tvosX64, tvosSimulatorArm64
  • watchosArm32, watchosArm64, watchosX64, watchosSimulatorArm64
  • macosX64, macosArm64

Why Decompose?

  • Decompose draws clear boundaries between UI and non-UI code, which gives the following benefits:
    • Better separation of concerns
    • Pluggable platform-specific UI (Compose, SwiftUI, Kotlin/React, etc.)
    • Business logic code is testable with pure multiplatform unit tests
  • Proper dependency injection (DI) and inversion of control (IoC) via constructor, including but not limited to type-safe arguments.
  • Shared navigation logic
  • Lifecycle-aware components
  • Components in the back stack are not destroyed, they continue working in background without UI
  • Components and UI state preservation (mostly useful in Android)
  • Instances retaining (aka ViewModels) over configuration changes (mostly useful in Android)